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TOP 3 products for a beautiful and carefree SUMMER!!!

IN SUMMER, we have to take special care of our hair, so that it does not get burnt, dry, broken and lifeless. Exposure to UV rays is the most common cause of hair fiber structure damage, that is why Italian technologists develop special products for summer so that we can take care of our hair's beauty! 

Hair moisturizing and protection are key words in summer! 

TOP 3 products for summer there are special products from the sun protection line, moisturizing products and suitable hair styling products for both protection and style. It is also important to remember that the best way to protect your hair from the sun is to wear a hat or scarf.

1.       MEDITER SUN SET – hair protection with natural and biodegradable ingredients (no microplastic, silicone is used). The formulas in the composition provide moisture and protection to the hair in the sun, especially after spending time in the sun, thanks to natural sun protection filters. All Mediter sun kit products are silicone-free, with 100% natural sun protection filter, dermatologically tested and vegan friendly. Contains Try-Glicine, a natural compound derived from sugar beet that provides enhanced hydration, protection and prolongs the tan, a super moisturizing ingredient and Luxplant, hair shine and protection with herbal ingredients.

Sun protection for hair

The set includes:

–        SHOWER SHAMPOO with organic mullein flower extract and Try-Glicine. Gently cleanses and provides an intense moisturizing effect that prolongs the tan and makes the hair soft, light and shiny. It has a strengthening, anti-breakage and smoothing effect that prevents frizz and improves hair shine. SULFATE FREE formula.

–          INTENSIVE CONDITIONING MASK with organic mullein flower extract + LUXPLANT. Restores the hair fiber with a restructuring effect. The detangling and disciplining formula makes the hair fiber particularly soft and shiny. Luxplant is an active ingredient of herbal origin. It guarantees a lightening effect and prevents split ends and hair fiber breakage. The mask provides moisturized, soft hair.

–          Spray MILK with mullein flower extract + LUXPLANT. Applied to dry hair during sun exposure, protects the cosmetic color and hair fiber from UV rays. Intensively moisturizes, hair is easy to comb. The hair is naturally light, soft and very shiny, does not make the hair heavy. Do not rinse. Organic mullein flower extract, derived from a Mediterranean plant, significantly increases hair shine and acts as a natural sun filter, providing protection during sun exposure. 

A GIFT – modern beaches SCARF. 100% viscose. Size 100 x 180cm 

2.       INTENSIVELY MOISTURIZING HAIR MASK with hyper-fermented organic fruit extracts and HYDRASHINE formula, a natural hair shine enhancing formula. Deeply restores dehydrated hair, making it pleasantly soft. Hair becomes shiny and antioxidants protect hair cosmetic color. Usage: spread evenly on damp hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off.

3.       FOR DEFENSE – Intensive spray - mask 10it features in one product. Rejuvenating effect, prevents split ends, makes hair easier to comb, prevents frizz, 

gives volume, softness and shine, protects from heat when drying hair with a hair dryer, makes hair easier to style, longer-lasting hair arrangement, protects hair color. Use: press the creamy mask into the palm of your hand and rub it evenly into washed and towel-dried hair. No need to rinse!

FOR STYLE – Matte styling product for a 'messy' fresh-from-the-sea effect. Sea salt spray gives hair volume and a naturally tousled effect. How to use: shake well before use, spray on towel-dried hair, arrange the desired "tousled hair effect" with your hands and allow to dry naturally.

Sun protection for hair

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