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About us

The Helen Seward Latvian team started its activities in 2015. Selecting high-quality hair cosmetics is not an easy process and we have always approached it with great care. When choosing to work with Helen Seward, it was important for us to represent a brand that is high quality, made in Europe and has a strong team. We currently cooperate with several professional hairdressers, hair salons and shops that offer Helen Seward products to their customers. In addition, we sell products here, in our online store, as well as in the physical store in Ādaži.
Helen seward products

Who is Helen Seward?

Helen Seward was founded in 1969 in Milan. The idea behind its creation was the production of hair care products for professionals

Professionalism and creativity are the guiding forces that have helped us grow and develop over many years. The company designs, develops and manufactures all kinds of products, cooperating with all departments and listening to the needs of the whole world.

The company respects people and their environment. Modern technologies, fast-growing operations and investments help guarantee the highest quality standards and help strengthen market positions.

Currently, Helen Seward is presented in 40 countries.

A brand with experience

Helen Seward has always developed and positioned itself in business as a Made in Italy concept. In fact, the company's resources are – knowledge, creativity, professionalism, technical support, and materials come from Italy, especially supporting those with a high-tech composition. Independent work that guarantees the best product.

Creative merger.

HS research and development departments always focus on professional research and production of products to guarantee effective results and fully protect the natural beauty of hair. Each formula combines nature, technology and innovation. Natural products from the Mediterranean are tested and combined with the latest generation of active ingredients to guarantee the highest quality. The packaging is specially designed to give a modern and attractive look, but most importantly, practical.
Helen seward products

Favorite products

Helen seward products
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